OKI Printer Repair in MD, DC and VA!!

Kensington Office Machines is proud to partner with a company with outstanding result coupled with spectacular focus on its customers and well being of their partners around the world. REQUEST SERVICE ONLINE at www.kensingtonofficemachines.com

OKI Data Group, which markets its products under the OKI brand, is focused on creating professional printed communications products, applications and services. The OKI Data Group provides a wide range of devices, from printers, faxes and multi-functional products to business applications and consultancy services, winning industry awards in many categories.

Let Kensington Office Machines engineers help with your Oki printer needs. Our sales specialists are professionally trained to meet all your printer needs:
Printers & Multifunction
Color Printers
Monochrome Printers
Multifunction (MFPs)
Impact Printers
• Label Printers
POS printers
OKI Printers Ribbons
OKI Fuser kits
*Oki Drum units
*Oki Microline parts
*OKI Transfer Belts or Kits
*OKI Toners,
Fast & Reliable Oki Printer Repairs in MD, DC, and VA!
At Kensington Office Machines we understand that a malfunction printer can affect your productivity. Let the specialist like Kensington Office Machines handle your repair job. Our services are fast and reliable.
An Oki Printer Repair Company you can rely on
From your Oki Multifunction printer repairs to Oki Color series printers, you can count on KENSINGTON OFFICE MACHINES to identify and resolve all issues with your printer at an affordable price. In the unlikely event that you may not want to repair your printer, Kensington Office Machines carries and sells varieties of Oki printers and accessory at a very competitive price.
Qualified Oki Printer Repair Technicians
At KENSINGTON OFFICE MACHINES our trained technicians make it their priority to repair your Oki printers with minimum downtime. Be rest assured that your Oki printer will be in the hands of the best technicians available around the Washington, D.C metro area.

Hassle Free Service
When your Oki printer or fax machine breaks down, calling a reliable printer repair or fax repair company such as KENSINGTON OFFICE MACHINES is your best option. Kensington Office Machines is you one stop shop for all your Oki needs.

Call us today for your Oki Printer Repair in Maryland, Washington, D.C and Virginia!
KENSINGTON OFFICE MACHINES is a dedicated Oki printer repair company around the Washington, D.C Metro area. Give us a call today at 301-946-0800 or REQUEST SERVICE online at www.kensingtonofficemachines.com!!!

Oki Printer Models Serviced:
OKI B2200 - OKI B2400 - OKI B2500 - OKI B2520 - OKI B2540 - OKI B410 - OKI B4100 - OKI B411 - OKI B411d - OKI B411dn - OKI B4200 - OKI B4250 - OKI B430 - OKI B4300 - OKI B430d - OKI B430dn - OKI B4350 - OKI B440 - OKI B4400 - OKI B440dn - OKI B4520 MFP - OKI B4540 MFP - OKI B4545 MFP - OKI B4600 - OKI B6100 - OKI B6200 - OKI B6300 - OKI B710 - OKI B8300 - OKI C310 - OKI C3100 - OKI C3200 - OKI C3200n - OKI C330 - OKI C3300n - OKI C3400n - OKI C3450 - OKI C3520 - OKI C3530 - OKI C3600 - OKI C510 - OKI C5100 - OKI C5150 - OKI C5200 - OKI C5250 - OKI C530 - OKI C5300 - OKI C5400 - OKI C5400DN - OKI C5450 - OKI C5500 - OKI C5510 MFP - OKI C5540 MFP - OKI C5600 - OKI C5650 - OKI C5700 - OKI C5750 - OKI C5800 - OKI C5850 - OKI C5900 - OKI C5950 - OKI C610 - OKI C610DN - OKI C7000 - OKI C710 - OKI C7100 - OKI C711 - OKI C711DN - OKI C7200 - OKI C7300 - OKI C7350 - OKI C7400 - OKI C7500 - OKI C810 - OKI C830 - OKI C8600 - OKI C8800 - OKI C9000 - OKI C9200 - OKI C9300 - OKI C9400 - OKI C9500 - OKI C9600 - OKI C9650 - OKI C9800 MFP - OKI C9850 - OKI ES3640 - OKI ES3640A3 - OKI ES3640E - OKI MB460 - OKI MB470 - OKI MB480 - OKI MC350 - OKI MC351 - OKI MC360 - OKI MC361 - OKI MC560 - OKI MC561 - OKI MC 860 and many more.
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