Martin Yale 1811 Paper Folding Machine

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Martin Yale: 1811


Martin Yale 1811 Paper Folding Machine


  • Handles paper weight from 16lb. bond to 135# Offset, 60 gsm to 240 gsm
  • Operates at a speed of up to 12,000 sheets per hour
  • Automatically feeds, folds and collects a stack of documents
  • Folds sheet sizes from 4.0″ L x 4.0″ W to 17.0″ L x 11.0″ W
  • Feed table capacity can hold up to 300 sheets of 20 lb. bond
  • Adjustable 1st fold range of 2″ to 11.5″
  • Adjustable 2nd fold range of 1.5″ to 5.75″ allowing for customized folds
  • Large rubber rollers provide consistent paper feeding
  • Durable conveyor belts create easy-to-handle, fanned stacks
  • Will fold stapled sets of up to 5 sheets through the manual bypass
  • Fully enclosed, manually adjusted fold tables for quieter operation and improved operator safety
  • Manual set up for fold tables

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Weight 81 lbs

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  1. Janet

    Great machine! Defiantly one I can count on.

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