Swintec 2640i Electronic Display Typewriter

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Swintec: 2640i (New)


Highlights :

  • 40-character Liquid Crystal Display
  • 112K Storage Memory
  • 15" paper capacity/11.5 writing line
  • Print speed, 20CPS
  • 700-character Correction Memory ( within 10 lines)
  • Pitch selector: 10,12,15 proportional spacing, and programmable line spacing
  • Copy capacity: 1 original and 4 copies
  • Automatic Centering, Bolding, Underlining, and Return
  • Format Memory
  • Decimal Tab


  • SPELLPROOFTM: 80,000-word main dictionary; 300-word user-defined dictionary .
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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs

1 review for Swintec 2640i Electronic Display Typewriter

  1. Tina Rose

    This electric display typewriter is a wonderful typewriter that lasted me a for a long time

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