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Kensington Office Machines operates with a commitment to growth and innovations. We will continue to sell and service products at a reasonable cost with first-class services that meet the unique needs and aspirations of our customers with sincerity, support and integrity.
Kensington Office Machines holds major Government contracts, and has been servicing clients for decades.

Kensington Office Machines has been in business for over twenty (30) years. Kensington Office Machines specializes in the sales and maintenance of Office Equipment with an online presence. Kensington Office Machines is focused on innovative strategies that address unmet office equipment service needs. Our website is open 24Hrs a day and seven (7) days a week – https://www.kensingtonofficemachines.com. Kensington Office Machines is certified with the Department of Transportation in Maryland with MBE/DBE #11-138. Our headquarters is located in Silver Spring, Maryland with a second location in Kensington, Maryland. Kensington Office Machines specializes in HP Laser Printer, HP Printer Repair, HP Printer Maintenance, Printer Service, Laser Printers, Toner Cartridges, Print Heads, Inkjet and Rapid Response Service.

Kensington Office Machines has a special alliance with Okidata in terms of Okidata printer cartridges, Okidata printer repair, Okidata printer ribbons, Okidata printer toner, Okidata printer supply, Okidata printer service, Okidata printer parts, Okidata printer repair service. Kensington Office Machines repairs and sells Acer Laptops, Toshiba Laptops, Royal Products, HP Printers, Canon Copiers, Swintec Typewriters, Lenovo notebooks, and many more. For further inquiries, please visit our website –https://www.kensingtonofficemachines.com or write us: cs@kensingtonofficemachines.com

We strive to continually improve service time, product availability and job quality.
Our employees continually work as a team to better serve our valued customers.
Emphasis will always be on strategic and intelligent marketing of our products and services.
Systematic and continuous training of employees to meet current technology demands.

Great competitive pricing.
On-site technical services with not more than 72 hours response time.
Periodic promotions of products and services.
Flexible accommodation to meet customers needs.

Why Choose Us?


Great competitive pricing.


On-site technical services with not more than 72 hours response time.


Periodic promotions of products and services


Flexible accommodation to meet customers needs.



  1. Over 30 Years in Business
  2. Best in Customer Service
  3. Best in Internship Training
  4. Best IT Solution in the D.C Metro
  5. Federal Contractor
  6. Best In On-Site Services
  7. Authorized Service Center
  8. Competitive Pricing
  9. Fast Delivery


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