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Kensington Office Machines copier repair can vary depending on several factors and issues with the copier. One factor that will determine your copier repair costs is whether or not the machine or machines you purchase are new, old, leased, or rented.

When you purchase a new copier, in most cases, you will have some type of warranty where you can simply make a phone call to a copier repair service that will come to service your machine free of charge, as this cost is included in your warranty.  For your Canon Copier Repair, Xerox Copier Repair, HP Copier Repair, Konica Minolta Copier Repair, Ricoh Copier Repair, Toshiba Copier Repair, Okidata MFP Repair, Sharp Copier Repair and HP Designjet Plotter Printer Repair, call Kensington Office Machines -301-946-0800

Preventative Maintenance:

One of the most recommended ways to help reduce problems with your copier is by following the preventative maintenance procedures described in the pamphlet that came with your machine, understand how your copier operates, use genuine toners, update the software periodically and let your copier be cleaned once a year by a technician from Kensington Office Machines. Changing the ink, imaging unit and toner carefully on a specific schedule as well as light cleaning to remove dust and debris that can accumulate over time would increase the lifetime of your copier.  Just as with any machine, preventive maintenance with Kensington Office Machines can also help you to spot small issues that can potentially become big problems if not taken care of immediately.

Let Our Trained Technicians Help You with your Service Needs

Not everyone who uses a copy machine is proficient or versed in the proper use of that machine. While the basic functions and features of most copier machines is similar, not every machine has the same features or works quite the same. By training every individual who has access to your copier, you can ensure that the machine is not being mistreated, abused or handled in an adverse manner that may affect its operation. Small tasks such as cleaning the glass, loading the paper, and even removing paper jams can cause some individuals to become easily agitated and possibly mistreat or damage the machine.

Only Use Kensington Office Machines for your Copier repair:

When and if the time comes when you must call on someone to repair your copier, you should be sure to use only companies that has the know-how and good customer service. You want a company that is thoroughly knowledgeable about your machine, its usage, and how to restore it to its factory-conditioned working state. If you use substandard technicians, you leave yourself open to substandard repairs that will have you calling a technician over and over again and costing you additional money. Canon Copier, Xerox Copier, Konica Minolta Copier, HP Designjet Printer, Panasonic Fax Machines, Oki Printers, and More-Call Kensington Office Machines.

Do not get caught up in the revolving door of increasing copier repair costs. The most important thing that you can probably do is to ensure that you are keeping a proper preventative maintenance schedule for your copiers. This will help to prevent many issues that occur as well as catch them before they become larger issues. Remember that there are steps that you can take to keep your copier running smoothly and effectively. Do not let copier repair costs reduce the functionality of your company or office.

Kensington Office Machines’ Area of Specialization:

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