Camera Repair in MD, DC, and VA

For digital camera repair and video camera repair, Kensington Office Machines is your one-stop-shop for every camera owner and for all of your camera repair needs. The process fast and easy and at a price you can afford. Camera Repair in MD, D.C, and VA

Whether it’s a simple fix or a complicated repair, the technicians at Kensington Office Machines service center can get the job done. They can repair all major brands, even if you didn’t purchase from Kensington Office Machines.

Whether you are a professional photographer or the casual photographer, we understand you do not want to miss a day of work or a moment of memories due to a broken digital camera or video camcorder.

Our repair facility can handle virtually every type of camera and repair issue. Whether you are using film or digital, Kensington Office Machines is the place to bring your camera repair issue.

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