Rebuilding IBM Selectric III Ribbons: A Solution for Discontinued Supplies

Ibm Selectric III ribbon

Rebuilding IBM Selectric III Ribbons: A Solution for Discontinued Supplies

The IBM Selectric III typewriter holds a special place in the annals of office equipment history. Its distinctive spherical typeball and revolutionary design made it a favorite among professionals for decades. However, as technology evolved, the Selectric III ribbons became increasingly scarce. Fear not! Kensington Office Machines has a solution: rebuilding these ribbons to keep your trusty Selectric III running smoothly.

Why Rebuild?
Legacy Machines: Many businesses still rely on their trusty Selectric III typewriters. These machines have stood the test of time, but their ribbons wear out.

Discontinued Supplies: IBM no longer manufactures Selectric III ribbons. Finding new, original replacements is nearly impossible.

Cost-Effective Solution: Rather than replacing the entire typewriter, rebuilding the ribbon is a cost-effective alternative.

The Rebuilding Process
Ribbon Inspection: Customers can ship their old Selectric III ribbons to Kensington Office Machines. Expert technicians will assess the condition of each ribbon.

Ribbon Replacement: High-quality carbon ribbon will be added to the ribbon, ensuring crisp and consistent printing.

Testing: Each rebuilt ribbon is rigorously tested to meet or exceed original performance standards.

Pricing and Shipping
Price: Kensington Office Machines offers ribbon rebuilding for just $49.99 per ribbon.
Shipping: Customers can conveniently ship their old ribbons to the company’s service center.
Address: 1738 Elton Road, Suite 310, Silver Spring, MD 20903

Don’t panic if your IBM Selectric III ribbon runs out. Kensington Office Machines has your back with affordable and reliable ribbon rebuilding services. Keep your classic typewriter in top shape and continue enjoying its timeless elegance.

Remember, while the world moves toward digital communication, some things—like the satisfying clack of a Selectric III—never go out of style!
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